Scribble it Down: Parallel Lives

For the past 9 months or so I have been part of an ongoing, international, online collaboration. The premise is a little bit like the game Exquisite Corpse where we are working in tandem on one another’s images, building up, adding and subtracting. This was a little like a crash course in photoshop for me which was interesting and often frustrating but also a really good exercise in project that is so outside my normal vein of work. I have a lot of mixed feelings about all of it, but I am also really proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and exploring new ways of making.

Anyways, should you be interested here is the link to that:

The site tells the story a bit, gives some insights from those involved and shows the progression of each work. You may recognize members of my family in the images, I really put my life into it as a theme.


here are the images in order – the stages I got  them with my layer on top…(click the above link to see the final, finished images with all the layers)

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