Mother Shape


I have a new show opening June 2, 6 pm-9 pm at Indivisible 2544 SE 26th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97202. The show will be open for viewing June 9, 16 and 23. Check back for specifics or follow the show on Facebook for details.

This installation replicates, documents and transcribes the shape of motherhood in my life. It is reflective of my attempts to define motherhood in my own terms.

The parts of this installation include but are not limited to:

  • Drawings in charcoal and graphic
  • Writings on paper in sharpie
  • Video
  • My son, Heywood, sitting at a table, drawing
  • Probably my other son, sitting tucked into some spot, reading comic books
  • A small booklet titled a manual for needing yourself
  • Some interactive and voluntary exercises on connection



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