Iteration Lab, The School of Making Thinking – Krumville, NY, April 2019

4 day intensive lab

Indivisible Gallery — Portland OR, June 2018

Month long residency in Indivisible Gallery where in I was able to make my work onsite and continue to work on it throughout the month while the gallery was open to the public.

playing with food: eating our work, Cucalorus — Wilmington, NC, August 2017

2 week residency focused around the presence of food in work, food as work and the relationship between eating and community.

Spread Art — Detroit, May 2016 

3 week residency pursing solo work

RE-RE-MAKE: An Immersive Performance Lab, The School of Making Thinking — Roscoe, NY, June 2015

3 week residency focused on re-performing, collaboration and experimentation. More info here as well.

Dreamland in Residence at Weird Shift

Dreamland Collective programs one week of art as artists in residence at Weird Shift.