Dreamland  is an artist collective started by Erica Thomas and Amy Conway (me).  Dreamland is about creating moments that surprise and enthrall.  We want to insight wonder.

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Our first project, also titled Dreamland, was enacted on Thursday August 22nd and Tuesday August 27th atop of Mount Tabor park in Portland, OR.  Dreamland, the project, is a bedroom set up in a public space where guests are invited to sit or lay down on the bed or the ground and be read aloud to.  We invite guests to connect with the intimacy, the relaxation, the joy and the whimsy of being aloud read to.  We invite guests to lay back and engage in their imagination.

4 thoughts on “Dreamland

    1. Thanks Stacie. We do plan on doing it again. We have a facebook page we will post on when we have events –

  1. Incredibly lovely and sublime. Are you perhaps looking for readers? A long-time educator for folks ages 2-18, I love reading aloud.
    How can I contact you? (I don’t have FB, so old-fashion email will have to suffice.

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