Introducing: Ramona Street Art Farm

In December 2020 we moved. We bought a house on .49 acres in SE Portland, Or. Within a month we began preparing a large garden area in the back yard, Brandon converted an old play structure into a compost station and I began planning a front yard pollinator, mini-orchard, berry and herb open neighborhood space (I should think of a better way to explain that, fewer words possible?).

We have a website for the farm:

And we’ve also created our mission for the farm:
Ramona Street Art Farm is a community-minded farm and art space that seeks to feed others through all it produces. We work with nature and seek to nurture and respond to its needs and demands by creating relationships and experiences with the land we inhabit.

We host art performances and community events on the farm property and also sell fresh produce and free-range duck eggs on a sliding scale. Farm goods are available at our popup farmstand, through a subscription box service, or by appointment.

You can read this article by Jeremiah Hayden about our first year on the farm.

The vision for the front is a lush, pollinator haven full of fruit, berries, herbs and perennial veggies that is open to the neighborhood to pick and eat from. That’s my goal. We are in early days and buying that many plants and trees is a lot of money but i’m gonna work at it.

So far we have these berries planted: huckleberry, honeyberry, elderberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, thimbleberry + red flowering current and Oregon grape. And salal.

fruit: apricot, peach, plum, nectarine, fig, a citrus tree plus a pomegranate bush.

plus some artichokes and perennial kale, rhubarb, asparagus and garlic chives with more herbs to come.

Back Area

This is our enclosed garden space. Below are our main beds. I have also been planting seeds all over, creating little beds and edibles to grow up fences and in little hidden areas. Our garden has taken off.


we also made a rain garden up front

and a duck house

Below is a slideshow of some of the starting-things-up pictures