Mother Shape

This installation replicates, documents and transcribes the shape of motherhood in my life. It is reflective of my attempts to define motherhood in my own terms.

Indivisible, Portland, OR  – June, 2018 – Residency and Gallery Show

The parts of this installation include but are not limited to drawings in charcoal and graphite, writings on paper in sharpie, video, Heywood, sitting at a table drawing, probably my other son, sitting tucked into some spot, reading comic books, a small booklet titled, some interactive and voluntary exercises on connection.

Birthday video is viewable here.

Here are a few of the alternative names conjured up for this show:

  • mommy blog
  • attempting motherhood
  • a mother day, a mother dollar
  • reflective walls
  • elements of catharsis
  • transference/replicating/redundant
  • I am the very mother of a modern major mineral
  • dumb mother
  • mother neck
  • mind over mother
  • on motherhood and other forms of connection
  • on motherhood, being an artist and falling apart
  • Likeness
  • mothering heights
  • the house is really old
  • uterine writings
  • another motherhood
  • there goes the motherhood
  • what to expect when you’re expecting
  • motor mother
  • mother cookie cutter