Comedy Really Cares:

I started Comedy Really Cares (CRC) in the winter of 2017 because I was frustrated with things happening politically in the United States. I wanted to do something. CRC is a comedy-based fundraising platform, using the comedy scene as a platform for raising money for both local and national organizations.

In December of 2017 funds were raised for the Family Preservation Project which promotes individual and system level change to reduce the collateral consequences of parental incarceration on children, families, and the community and toy donations were collected forDoernbecher Children’s Hospital.

In December of 2018 CRC is raising money for SARC Oregon (sexual assault resource center) and collecting toys for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

In August 2019, I threw fundraiser in conjuction with the one year anniversary of GORP, a show I produce. GORPiversary raised $880 for the Project Corazon, a part of Lawyers for Good Governance, that sends lawyers to the border to assist families and fight against human rights violations first hand.

On October 21, CRC is partnering with Bridge City Improv to raise funds for Rahab’s Sisters. The show will take place at Portland Center Stage. Find out info here.


I produce, host and created this bi-monthly improv show featuring new performers, new improv teams, competition tv spoofs and wacky bits. Show is every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 9 pm at Kickstand comedy space.

Twist & Shout

T&S is a group I started where improvised music blends with improvised comedy. (curious, here is a video of a recent performance). We recently performed at Disjecta as part of the Improvised Summit of Portland festival put on by The Creative Music Guild. We perform at In-Betweem at Kickstand and at various venues around town.


In-between is a new quarterly show that premiered at Kickstand on August 30, 2019. It focuses on playful performance that lives between genres. Dance, music, comedy, clowning, performance art — anything goes as long as it goes playfully. Next show will be December 6, 2019.

I was performing as part of the Kickstand CVLT, which recently ended and Kickstand CVLT house teams were created. I am on now on an TBN house team. I also perform often at MONDO, Secret Aardvark, Rat King and here and there around town.

Comedy Bio:

Amy is an artist, writer, show producer, performer, parent and spouse living in deep SE Portland. She studied improv comedy at Curious Comedy Theater and Kickstand Comedy in Portland and has an educational background in art and social sciences. Amy produces a bi-monthly show at Kickstand Comedy called GORP that focuses on new players, new teams, new ideas and new formats and a quarterly show called Twist & Shout that combines improvised and experimental musicians with comedy improvisers to perform as one group, moving between and overlapping music and comedy. Amy also started an annual city-wide, multi-week, comedy-based fundraiser in 2017 called Comedy Really Cares that raises funds for local nonprofits. You can catch Amy hosting GORP, performing and hosting Twist & Shout, Mondo, playing with the Kickstand CVLT, and Secret Aardvark.  

Upcoming performances:

instagram: @glacierface, @gorpimprov

facebook: @amnikcon, @GORPimprov, @comedyreallycares