Dreamland in Residence at Weird Shift

I never posted these images about our week at weird shift.

also, here is a link to Dreamland’s interview KBOO: http://kboo.fm/sites/default/files/episode_audio/kboo_episode.2.140725.1140.3501.mp3

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.15.25 AM

Dreamland Collective used our Awesome Grant to create, curate and engage in a week of performances and interactions.

We started with Text Message Performances, a project where we solicited anonymous text messaged conversations to be compiled into a script and read aloud by actors.

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Next, I revisited the original Dreamland idea and invited people to be read aloud to from a selection of books around the themes of how technology changes and effects modern relationships.

dreamland 2

Our third and fifth night were both hosted by Erica Thomas and her project Pillow Talk, where she invites people to join in bed with for an intimate, one on one conversation about your relationships. You are invited to lay with her and use the text pillows to begin the conversation.10527564_656482957775110_9053391147920931471_n

My Move/Your Move. Partners in both creative and domestic life, Alyssa Reed Stuewe and Ryan Stuewe were invited to respond through animprovised dance and music based performance to prompt of how collaborating causes ripple effects through their lives and work.


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