School Of Making Thinking Residency

RE-RE-MAKE: An Immersive Performance Lab

June 16 – July 6, 2015, Roscoe, New York

I created and participated in a number of performances and performance experiments. I am gathering documentation as I go.

Here is the second performance I did as a response to a peer’s first performance at the residency. I wrote and read something I wrote in response to the prior performance and presented an activity to symbolize change and forward motion. People were invited to put on either a wedding dress or a giant blue jumpsuit and dive down a water slide (it was fun).

And, I have a few pictures from the last performance I did.

Story Telling Machine

My story telling was powered by the physical activity of others. It was an experiment and the first enactment of a project I will continue to build on.

I’ll add more as I can.

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