Residency Alert & Postcards, from The Edge

I’m heading to Krumville, New York for a short but intensive residency with The School of Making Thinking. This residency is titled Iteration Lab and in it I and my fellow residents will each present a 30 minute structure at the same time each day, iterating the structure and adapting in reaction to the experience. We will participate in one another’s structures.

Which brings me to the second half of this titled post. In 2015 I went on my first residency, also with The School of Making Thinking, also in upstate New York and also dealing in ideas around repetition and performance. During that residency I started an ongoing project titled Postcards, From The Edge wherein I send postcards to people as The Edge from U2.

It’s fun. If you would like a postcard during this trip, you can fill out this form:

It may not be that you get one on this residency but i will have your info so that when I am in residence in June in Portland, I can continue on.

If you’d like to see some examples, click here.

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