Ramona St Art Farm Residency

Ramona St Art Farm is excited to host artist in residence on the property. We have a small structure out back that visiting artists can use as a residency space. We can’t house anyone at this point, so the residency shack is best suited for local creatives who need a space to work. There is not electricity but we are working on some solar lights and maybe some future modifications.

Residents get a key to the shed and can come and go as needed. It is requested that loud activities end by 7 pm on weeknights and 8 pm on Friday and Saturday nights and that you give a heads up if you’ll be coming late at night. Residents needs to check with us before bringing someone onto the property as the farm is our home.

March 21, 2021 marks the date of the first artist in residence, Jeremiah Hayden.

Jeremiah is a writer and musician based in Portland, Or.