Just for fun: Saved By the Bell Animation

I was invited to do something in a show a comedy show at the Siren Theater in Portland, Or for the 30th anniversary of Saved By the Bell and I obviously said yes right away. My first thought was to make some sort of puppet show but then, quickly, I realized that I wanted to make an animation. Thus began my last month of diving too deeply into SBTB.

Below are the individual drawings. This was a project that made me laugh, it was fun. It’s weird to have as much fun working on something as I had throughout this process.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As soon as I knew it was going to be a video I realized I needed a version of a theme song so I reached out to my good friend Kelli Schaefer and asked if she would want to record a version of the theme song. She said yes and it’s fucking amazing. (You can listen to more Kelli here: https://kellischaefer.bandcamp.com/)

And, finally, here is the video. I made a few different versions of this (there are a few cuts) but at some point, you just gotta stop, you know.

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