Awesome Portland Picks Dreamland!!!!

Dreamland was announced last Friday, the 15th, as one of the five finalists for the Awesome Portland Grant. Last night, November 21st, Dreamland gave a 3 minute presentation at The Oregon Public House and was voted by Awesome Portland’s board of trustees to receive the grant! Hip Hip Hurray! Dreamland is going to take over the…… Continue reading Awesome Portland Picks Dreamland!!!!

Home: (an excavation) 1984 – 1989

MFA Practicum Installation Home: (an excavation) 1984-1989.  (2013) Installation.  Hydrastone, fabric, 2×4’s, dirt, pier blocks. This project was an abstracted reconstruction of a home I lived in from 1984 – 1989. The time in that house held many traumatic experiences and the memory to have a strong hold on life 25/30 years later.  By studying…… Continue reading Home: (an excavation) 1984 – 1989

Mapping Project

I put a map up in the studio and asked my classmates and any visitors to mark the places in the world they have lived.  I provided needles threaded with a neon green thread and everyone stitched their cities they lived in, creating connecting lines between each place. (world map, canvas, acrylic gel medium, thread)